About Domain Names
A domain name is like a calling card.  The name itself can be a portal to success based upon its indelible first impression by those who see it.

When you find a good domain name, treat it like finding a piece of treasure by considering its true potential, its future value, its ability to attract cyber space dwellers, and being catchy enough to be remembered again and again.  A domain name is like a piece of real estate on the Internet.  However, in real estate, it is “location”, “location,” but in cyber space it’s the “name” the “name.”

Once a domain name is taken and is being used, it would be nearly impossible to obtain later.

Let Us know how We can serve you.

Happy hunting!

Basis of Value
We base Our Designer Domain name values on the following:
  1. Potential,
  2. Uniqueness,
  3. Rarity,
  4. Catchy slogan
  5. Easy to remember
  6. Shorter, the better
  7. The more generic, the better
  8. Who would be interested?
  9. Do they have money?
  10. Are other similar names available or plentiful?
The values given are either gold values or in dollars. The alphabetical list is all in dollars: Alpha List The problem of listing in dollar values is that the dollar is continually being devalued. We would have to continually change them. Therefore the dollar values are subject to change at any time.

Because of the current hard economic times, We have lowered the values of most of Our domain names.  Some of them are at one quarter to one half the value previously given.
See: Alpha List

Many listed are:
Outstanding ".com" names
Premium "Keyword Rich"
Have "Exact Meaning"
Easy to remember
Easy to identify
Easy to spell
Value unlimited

Best Uses
Develop web site
or resell later
to an end user.

Sign up with affiliates, Ad Sense, Google, and or Amazon and make money displaying ads

Increase traffic by having more web sites linked to each other.

PROFIT potential!

Finder' Fee
If We do not have what you are looking for, We can help you find it or provide you with options or choices.  To get started, send Us $25 and some info as to what you want.  If and when We provide what you are looking for, and you obtain it, you are to pay Us an additional $100.00 plus 3% of what you end up paying for it.

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  Welcome to...
Jack Slevkoff's
Best Designer
We can provide you with
Names that mean something
Have character
Are easy to remember

Our Featured Designer Domains:

We would prefer 100 ounces of fine gold or equal in exchange for this domain name. but, will accept as little as 20 ounces at this time.   In January of 2010, that is equivalent to approximately $21,000 in Federal Reserve Notes; today's so-called cash.

We are aware of the potential for ANIMALCROSSING.com especially where pets, Veterinarians, and pet products are concerned.   The pet industry is a huge industry not only here in America but all over the World. Many names are already taken and only a few good ones are left.   We are also aware of the potential in the zoo industry where animals cross over (shipped) from one place to another.   Or, how about private game hunts, private reserves, a hunter's paradise where one can hunt live game for a price. We are also aware that there exists a popular game called "Animal Crossing"

Here are some examples of domain names that have been sold:
AltaVista.com...............$3,350,000 Bingo.com....................$1,100,000 Drugs.com.......................$823,000 Rock.com.....................$1,000,000 Wallstreet.com.............$1,030,000 Loans.com...................$3,000,000 ForSaleByOwner.com...$835,000 Cinema.com...................$700,000 Autos.com.....................$2,200,000 eFlowers.com...............$1,000,000 Wine.com......................$3,300,000 AsSeenOnTV.com.......$5,000,000 University.com.................$530,000 Computer.com.................$500,000 Business.com...............$7,500,000
...just to name a few.

We agree that these are top choice names.   But We are not asking for a million or a half million. Even "ASSEENONTV.com" sold for 5 million and "ForSaleByOwner.com" sold for $835,000.   The more you think about it, 50 ounces of fine gold or equal is quite low and is not unreasonable.   If We hold on to this domain name, We may find someone who will pay ten times what We are now asking.   It is just a matter of time before someone will snatch this one up.   What would be your offer?


A fantastic domain name for those in the hair stylist and solon industry.   A very unique name that will not last long.   Don't sit on this one or pass it up.   A name like this is hard to come by.   This name can do wonders for an entrepreneur in starting a whole new franchise chain. We are asking for 2 ounces of fine gold or equal in exchange for this domain name.


Now here is a name that is what it infers.   If you want to start a Nursery School or a Nursery School chain with franchise potential, this is a name to have.   We are asking for 3 ounces of fine gold or equal in exchange for this domain name.


This is an excellent name for an enterprise whereby one can access cash in a hurry.   A name like this has franchise potential.   Also keep in mind that in an alphabetical list this would be near or at the top of the list.   We are asking for 5 ounces of fine gold or equal in exchange for this domain name.


What a name!   Not only can I smell the profit, I can taste it as well.   An enjoyable name to own.   We are willing to let this one go for 3 ounces of fine gold or equal in exchange.


Another easy to remember generic domain name that is hard to forget.   Three very short names combined together are hard to remove from ones mind.   Someone with an entrepreneurial spirit can do wonders with this domain name.   A company or corporation can be created from this interesting and unique name.  

We are asking for 1 ounces of fine gold or equal in exchange for this domain name.

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Everything is negotiable.
The amounts shown are a good starting point.
Let Us know what you are interested in
and what you are willing to give in exchange.

All subject to availability.
We reserve the right to refuse all offers.
The values given and the information provided herein
are subject to change at any time.

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Keep in mind that when someone finds a large gold nugget that cost him practically nothing to find except his time and effort to find one does not make the gold worth any less than its true or potential value.

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